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२७ वर्षातील सर्व ३२४ अंक उपलब्ध !        Glimpses of Current Month's Issue       


Activities conducted in 2016

1. Sanyojak prashikshan shibir- A training programme for organizers
A training programme is designed for the organisers, who want to contribute in the development of the students. The programmes include various topics, which are helpful to conduct activities for the students.

2. Karyanubhav - Work-experience
To publish an innovative magazine like Chhatra Prabodhan is not an easy task. It is a teamwork. The members in the team work devotedly and help each other to make this possible. In the work-experience activity, the students explore the world of publication by taking part in this process.

3. Hastalikhit - Hand-written composition competition
Students are asked to write a hand written composition on the various subjects.

4. Abhivaachan - Recitation competition
It is a stage competition, in which students recite a story or a poem from Chhatra Prabodhan magazine.

5. Sahitya Melava -
The main purpose of this programme is to develop an interest of the youngsters to read the literature. They are encouraged to enhance their literary knowledge through this programme.

Activities conducted in 2017

1. Kumar Sahitya Sammelan -
On the occasion of silver jubilee of Chhatra Prabodhan, Kumar Sahitya Sammelan was organised at Nigadi, Pune, on 7th and 8th January 2017. Around 1900 students were participated in this programme. Various cultural programmes such as - conversation with writers, lectures on story writing, creative competitions based on literature, recitation competitions were arranged at this Sammelan.

**Activities conducted in 2016 will also be conducted in this year. So keep in touch with us.

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