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२७ वर्षातील सर्व ३२४ अंक उपलब्ध !        Glimpses of Current Month's Issue       

Philosophy and Mission

"Our aim is to counsel, to enlighten
Your young minds with knowledge
We rejoice as we lighten
With the Silver Jubilee edge

We fill every page
With an array of words
With the wisdom of a sage
And hues of colourful birds

We trace the steps of time
At every new phase
Reaching heights sublime
With creative craze!"

To develop a magazine and other publications focusing youngsters, teachers and parents in order to provide continuous enrichment for the personality development.

To develop extension centres and groups of volunteers all over the state and the country to replicate Jnana Prabodhini’s innovations in the field of education.

To propagate the movement of personality development amongst youngsters initially in Maharashtra state and gradually in the every corner of the country.

To Build a network of the individuals and institutions interested in joining the movement to create synergy between individual development and social commitment.

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